Steel coils are slit into smaller coils or smaller cuts through the use of rotary knives according to the exact width and diameter requirements needed for any order. 
Our Loopco has recently gone through intensive upgrades which has brought it back to its original operating capacities and precision.

Red Bud

Steel coils are sheared into individual sheets and blanks through the use of our multi-component shearing line.  Coils pass through our Herr-Voss leveler which eliminates imperfections in the steel before it begins the shearing process.  Our RedBud has been completely overhauled and updated to the standards of today’s demands.

Quality excellence

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- on time delivery
- customized serviceand logistics services
- proven performance
- quality products
- cost saving throughout the supply chain

for your success.


Every coil that enters our doors is thoroughly inspected for defects, thickness and hardness. This process is reconfirmed as the coil enters production


UER Metals utilizes Phase II technology to validate hardness of each coil. This process is repeated at several stages throughout processing.


Beginning at the formation of exact pallet sizing and ending with strapping and covering of processed steel, each coil is protected from elements and contact with other material. Our custom trailers are designed to completely isolate the material during shipping. Our Bill of Lading have precise instruction as to the customer unloading requirements.


The first sheeted piece on every order is checked for squareness with a .015 tolerance for length and a .005 tolerance for width. This process is repeated several times throughout the sheet production.


UER Metals is fully computerized in areas of order processing, delivery documents and customer invoicing. We provide copies of the signed bill of lading with every invoice (guaranteed) UER Metals does not want to inconvenience your accounts payable department, so we take the extra step to make sure all documents are precise before they go out the door.


UER Metals strives to be comprehensive every step of the way. We have recently streamlined our procurement process to simplify the logistics from order to delivery.